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Cookies Policy

In compliance with the obligations deriving from national and Community legislation on the protection of personal data, and in particular of the Provision of the Privacy Guarantor n. 229 of 08 May 2014, GI & .E Srl, as Data Controller, informs that this site uses first-party cookies (so-called technical) and third-party cookies, to improve the browsing experience on the pages of this website (for example, cookies can be used to determine if a connection has already been made between the visitor / user computer and our site, or to maintain any “login” data).

“Cookies” are small text files that are sent from a website and recorded in the temporary memory of the browser of a user-visitor – and therefore on the computer – while browsing.


Types of cookies


By using this site, the user accepts that the following cookies are installed on your device:


First-party Cookies


Session cookies

These are useful cookies to allow a safe and efficient browsing experience or the execution of site features. They are also used to guarantee site security purposes such as preventing cyber attacks. These cookies are not instrumental to the collection of personal identification data of the Users, being limited to the transmission of session identification data in the form of numbers automatically generated by the server, and they last only for the duration of the session (until the browser is closed) allowing to store temporarily the information necessary for navigation so as not to have to enter it again. No consent is required for them.

Functionality cookies

These are cookies used to store user customizations attributable to the use of the site, such as the language, or in any case referable to an express request for functionality by the user, such as Login data.

Even for these cookies, no consent is required.

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